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Leadership Development

Communication Development


Every conversation with your customer, your prospect, your teammate, and yes, even your family and friends, is influenced by the way you communicate.


Why are some people so silent? Why do others never stop talking? Why do some people always tell the truth so bluntly? Why do you click with some and not others?


Communication happens on the listener’s terms….

Everything DiSC Workplace® is designed to engage every individual—regardless of title or function—in building more effective relationships at work. 


The result is a more engaged, collaborative culture that improves the overall quality of your conversations..

Team Development


Each one of us have been on our share of teams over the years.  So, you probably know how frustrating life can be when those teams don’t work well.  Politics, a lack of alignment, and inefficiencies eat up precious time and energy we would be putting to use elsewhere.  Sometimes it feels like our teams do more to slow us down than help us move forward.


No one really tells you how to be a good teammate.


This is where The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® comes in.  This simple but powerful model helps you develop the skills to become a better teammate and start building stronger teams.


The result is a more collaborative and efficient team that are working together to Build Trust, Master Conflict, Achieving Commitment, Embracing Accountability & Focusing on Results.

Employers spend time, money and training to groom their top performers for senior and management positions.  The belief is that these outstanding employees will transfer their individual style and success to the whole team.  Sometimes it works; often it does not.

Great contributors do not automatically transform into great leaders.

The reason behind this is that the skills required to perform as an individual are different from the skills needed to effectively lead a team.

Make Every Conversation Count teaches managers the latest techniques for developing effective communication skills, understanding their leadership style, the style of those on their team, delegating, influencing and motivating there by improving their performance and increasing the productivity of the team. 

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