How can you make every conversation count? 


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After taking the assessment, you'll receive your profile. The personalized content in the profile provides insights into your preferences and tendencies, while learning more about relating to others. Your purchase comes with a free 30-minute consultation. 



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Speak with an expert​ about your profile to deepen self-understanding and discuss strategies to change behavior and improve communication. 




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Once you have thoroughly reviewed your profile and discussed actions to improve communication, you'll notice a difference in your results. You'll see how Making Every Conversation Count leads to deeper connections, stronger relationships, and better results.



"D" Dominant Style

“I have experienced two different market turn-around situations and in both cases the DiSC Assessment was utilized for each member of the team.   DiSC gave us the language to talk about the strengths and the weaknesses of each person on our team in a non-threatening and productive way.  The tool’s interpretations are spot-on and invaluable in navigating the early process of building trust among driven and high-achieving leaders.”

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Cindy Tomcak